Book a room

  • Room 1 (6 beds)
  • Room 2 (8 beds)
  • Room 3 (12 beds)


Booking rules:

  1. To make a reservation, fill the online booking form on our website and the administrator will contact you as soon as possible, or simply call us.
  2. You can pay for the booked room directly at the hostel, in cash or by credit card, as well as, you can make a prepayment on our website immediately after booking
  3. Prepay options are possible through the internet by Visa and MasterCard.
  4. It is necessary to inform us about prepayment so that payment would be guaranteed.
  5. Reservations for groups can be done by phone, and independently on our website. Groups of 8 people or more must make prepayment for the first night.
  6. Any circumstances and possible discounts for groups are considered individually in each case.

Booking cancel rules:

  1. Cancel booking accommodation may not be later than 72 hours prior to arrival date. To do this you can send us a written notice of withdrawal of the reservation to our e-mail or call us at the above phone number in our contacts.
  2. In the cases timely cancellation, the advance payment for unused accommodation is returned at a rate of 90%.
  3. In case the reservation cancellation was made 24 hours prior to arrival date, the hostel reserves the right to return 50% of prepaid wallet.
  4. The advance payment is non-refundable in all other cases.
  5. In case a guest live in the hostel, but wants to return the paid accommodation rows, the guest pays the penalty in the amount of some unlived days, and the remaining amount is returned to the guest.
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